Buying a second home is amongst the most important decisions you will ever make, and certainly one of the largest single investments, so before you get carried away on a wave of enthusiasm, take a moment to carefully consider your commitment.

Hulsmann & Pesie, the new name for Hulsmann & Partners, is a well-established family company that has been active in the real estate market for nearly 40 years.

With a solid base in the Dutch real estate market, Hulsmann & Pesie started their international activities almost 15 years ago, first setting foot on Spanish soil in the Marbella area and soon after crossing the Portuguese border to the Algarve with a large selection of properties from the far east to the far west of the Algarve; on to Lisbon and beyond. Hulsmann & Pesie has direct access to a most professional and reliable local network, not only due to their own extensive experience and knowledge of the area but also due to family living and working in both countries for over 3 decades.

Hulsmann & Pesie consists of highly motivated and multilingual people, trained to provide our clients with only prime property selections and unprecedented service; this being our unique and well-proven corporate philosophy.

Hulsmann & Pesie has been your trusted partners in foreign real estate for two generations and will continue to be so for generations to come.

Search the homes in our online portfolio, and contact us for a viewing. Or, just give us a call and let one of our real estate consultants develop a customized viewing schedule suited to your specific needs. At Hulsmann & Pesie your property is our priority. 

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